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GRC Moulding

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GRC Mouldings

Everest GRC is the leading GRC Moulding Manufacturers in Gujarat. We offer the latest and wide range of GRC moulding products to our customers with wide variety of designs & textures. Everest GRC is one of the best GRC moulding company in India. With advanced and well-managed GRC manufacturing unit in Vadodara city, Everest GRC strives to come up an innovative and trendy designs and ideas with respect to GRC Mouldings.

Since concrete is comparatively tough and difficult material to mould and work with different designs, it is not a good option for the exterior / interior for the constructions. Moreover, fine details and extremely complex shapes & designs are simply not possible using concrete. Hence, concrete is not a moulding friendly material. Unlike concrete, GRC is easy to mould and can be given any desired shape and designs with ease. It achieves the kind of fineness in detail and the complexity in design the real art looks for. Also, GRC being comparatively light in weight and flexible to work with, it definitely is the better material to work on over other available materials.

Strengthened with well-developed infrastructural facility & well-experienced manpower, we are able to offer an exclusive range of GRC Moulding in India. It is used for enhancing the decor of architectures, buildings & civil structures. Everest GRC has executed several major GRC Moulding projects across India. Team at Everest offers the most ambitious designs that can be created over GRC. As per customer’s requirement and ideas, GRC can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic art. It can be painted, coloured, faced with fine aggregates or simply left with a natural white or grey, textured or smooth finish. Everest GRC is the best GRC Moulding company in Gujarat. Everest GRC is amongst the highly regarded company of Glass Reinforced Concrete Moulding widely applicable in the global market. We are highly acclaimed for our beautiful & unique craftsmanship

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