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GRC Cladding Panel and GRC Balusters Manufacturer

GRC cladding panel or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a thin concrete section manufactured using OP cement and aggregate mix to give strength to the sheet. In comparison to steel, GRC cladding never rusts yet have the same thickness and strength of any other metal panel. Unlike steel, glass fibers will never rust and are placed throughout the thickness of the panels. Everestgrc GRC balusters India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ribs that have 50 to the 100mm depth and has 12 to 15mm thickness.

We have been using this technology for many years and successfully designing GRC cladding panel for buyers all over India. Our GRC Balusters comes with superior compressive strength yet have very light in weight. Also, the GRC is known to lower the CO2 emission which is very less in comparison to cement manufacturing. The best about the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is it can be easily molded into the desired shape. Today, many construction companies are using GRC Cladding Panels to reduce the load from the structure and strengthen the frame of the building.

So, if you require a high quality of GRC cladding panel or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, contact us at Everestgrc. We are fully capable of meeting all kinds of GRC Balusters demand. We can manufacture all kinds of molds that have strength, smooth finish or textured finish as per the requirement of our clients. Each of the products made by Everestgrc is of high quality and available at cheaper rates.